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Sharing some of my favorite links as well as tools I find useful in planning travel and managing personal finances. Even though I touch on trip reports mostly on the blog, personal finance has always been a big part of my life. Managing personal finances properly can really go a long way. Updates are made from time to time so check back for new info.

Note: I am not affiliated with any of the sites mentioned below (unless otherwise indicated).

This free site helps you track all of your points and miles in one single place. Most of the reward programs can be linked and tracked there, however there may be some airlines (i.e. United, Southwest) that do not participate.

This is my go to tool when I want to use hotel points but not sure what my options are. You search the destination city in this tool, and the site provides you with what hotel chains are available in the area (i.e. Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, IHG, etc). The best part is it also tells you how much points you’d need to book a reward stay as well as the hotel category. I find this very helpful (i.e. unless you have alot of points to burn, why pay 40,000/night at a Hilton when Hyatt is only 15,000/night).

This is a really useful tool to search for airfare. Similar to the third party websites such as hotwire, orbitz, expedia, travelocity, the tool provides you with a listing of flight schedules and prices based on your travel date and city. I find the listing to be more comprehensive than the other sites. The caveat though is that you cannot book your trip through this website. Once you find the route with the price you want, you’d need to either go to the airline’s site directly or through the commercial/3rd party sites such as orbitz, expedia, kayak to make the booking.

This is my favorite free financial tracking tool. Similar to, you can link your checking, savings and credit card accounts here and monitor them in one place. The biggest difference from mint is you can also include your retirement and brokerage accounts here. The site gives you visibility to see how much fees you pay for the retirement/investment accounts. Further, it also has some interesting investment analysis based on your information.

I use this free site to track my spending and set monthly budget. You can link all of your bank and credit card accounts to the site and track all of your spending in one place. I also set a monthly budget so that I’m aware and mindful of my spending. This tool helps me to be more aware and adjust my spending habits accordingly based on my personal goals. This also helps me in monitoring my accounts for suspicious activities. Sometimes pending charges show up here before they show up on my credit card site, and I was able to prevent a fraudulent charge before it even got cleared.

This free site gives you the TransUnion and EquiFax credit scores. It updates weekly. It does not impact your credit (not a hard pull) when you check your credit score. I’m a big advocate on knowing your credit score and monitor it regularly. Trust me it does more good than harm.

This free site gives you the TransUnion score which updates monthly. Similar to creditkarma, checking your credit score here does not impact your credit.

My sister and I used to record the Suze Orman show every Saturday night and watch it together the next day. I loved the candid advice she gave and her tough love attitude. Being a female, I think it’s especially important and empowering to understand your personal finance and manage it properly.

In partnership with Khan Academy, here are some free tools and information to educate people on practical financial knowledge. The videos are interactive, fun and easy to follow.

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