Hotel review – Park Hyatt Sydney

So I’m trying something new here, going to incorporate hotel reviews into the blog. Although I’m no road warrior, I’ve had my share of hotel stays due to work and personal travel. So here it goes~

My visit to the Park Hyatt Sidney was back in 9/2015, it’s not terribly recent, but it may still be of interest for those who may want to check out this property.

Total stay:

3 nights


2 free nights earned via the Chase Hyatt credit card, plus 30,000 Hyatt Gold passport points (now known as World of Hyatt). The 30k points were transferred from the Chase Ultimate Rewards points (earned via the Chase Sapphire Preferred card). This property could cost an upward of $600/night depending on the time of year. 

Getting there:

Upon arrival to Sydney, I got an “Opal” card from a newspaper/convenient stand at the airport and loaded AU$50 (about  $36ish USD at the time). An opal card is a reloadable plastic card that you use to pay for public transportation. Instead of taking a taxi, I took the train from the international terminal to Circular Quay, which costs AU$15 each way. A taxi would’ve cost at least AU$40~50. From the Circular Quay, the Park Hyatt Sydney is about 8~10 mins walk. It’s a pretty easy walk along the harbour. The walkway is paved and pedestrian/luggage friendly. I didn’t have international data plan on my phone, so I’d screen shot the directions ahead of time.


There’s so much to like about this place – it’s right on the harbour with view to the Sydney Opera House, and my gawd the infamous Sydney bridge hovers right above this hotel (I had mixed feelings about the bridge climb. It was a bit underwhelming imo). Upon entrance to the room, it has a very luxurious and spacious feel, even though mine was only a standard room. The room has an open concept, however you can pull the blinds over which provides privacy between the bed and the bathroom. The commode is located outside of the shower area, so it’s basically a half bath. There are many buttons by the nightstand which control the shades, blackout curtains and various lights. I was lucky enough to score a room facing the harbour. The huge glass window really highlights the million dollar view in this city.

One of my absolute favorites from Park Hyatt Sydney is the heavenly scented toiletry. It’s called Bergamote 22 by LE LABO. I’m not sure if it’s carried throughout the Park Hyatt chain since this was my first visit. I still have a bottle of lotion and every time I use it just makes me happy. 🙂

Housekeeping brought in 2 bottles of water every day, there was even a welcome dessert plate on my first day. Since I had the platinum status at the time of my stay as a holder of the Chase Hyatt card. I’m not sure if this was complimentary across the board or only for elite members.

View from the patio outside of my room:


Not so positives:

Since this is a 5 star hotel, it also comes with the territory. Except for the first day when I checked in and was met by a very welcoming hostess, I didn’t feel the staff was very hospitable throughout my stay. There were barely any hellos, smiles, or greetings as I went in and out of the property. On my last night, I decided to run a bath to relax a bit after walking 30,000 steps that day. It was all nice and groovy until I realized as the tub was draining, there were algae looking things floating out of the shower drain (the tub plug was immediately put back). Ewwwy. I let it go as it was late at night and I didn’t feel like making a fuzz. And I hate to be a whiny Susie! A smarter me should’ve escalated it or at least said something. However I wasn’t so smart then. Moral of the story, always escalate if something is not right (within reason of course).

Final thoughts:

Although there were some hiccups during my visit, I’d still recommend staying here if you get a chance. The view and the experience is just unbeatable. If possible, leverage points and rewards. The frugal me would not have forked out $600/night to stay here. 🙂

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