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Hello! My name is Sally. Welcome to my humble abode. I’m a 30 something professional working as a corporate auditor in the banking industry. Inspired by friends and many travel blogs I’ve visited, this site was created so I could capture and share my travel / life adventures through pictures and words. A lot of my trips are taken using points and miles strategically in order to minimize cost. In my trip reports I try to provide details on how these rewards travels were achieved. Since I live in a major American Airlines hub, most of my flights are with AA, and I’ve been known to do mileage runs in order to quality for elite status (aka flying somewhere and back in order to earn elite qualifying miles). 😉

I’m also a personal finance nerd currently working towards FIRE (financial independence retire early). To me, life is more than being desk-bound so that one’s material wants can be satisfied.



Follow along on Instagram: SallioCoolio for a glimpse into my adventures.

Disclaimer: Any products, services, or companies that are mentioned on the site are for references only and are not for advertisement purposes. All pictures are taken by yours truly.

4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Sally, I just read your interview on Million Mile Secrets. I think it’s great that you challenged yourself to travel solo. I love your blog. I am inspired by it and am thinking of writing one on my travels also. I too am hooked on traveling big with miles and points. God bless and looking forward to reading your next travel adventure.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I’d have to say solo travel is pretty liberating. It helped to give me another perspective on things that I couldn’t have imagined doing on my own before. Have fun on your travels and would love to read up on them.

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