Miami 5-2015

Trip duration: 5/15/15 to 5/17/2015
Route: Dallas => Miami
Flying Method: Cash payment via AA

Girls trip, woohoo! When a friend saw a flight deal from Dallas to Miami for $129 roundtrip on AA, we immediately jumped on the opportunity and booked a weekend R&R. The sister also came along which made our annual beach trip complete (we 3 amigas went to San Diego last summer for sister’s 30th bday).

We wanted to stay in the South Beach area for easy access to the beach and the whole Miami experience. After looking around for hotel options which were extremely pricey, we decided to use airbnb and found a cute one bedroom apartment on Lincoln Rd and Michigan Ave.  The location was superb and we were able to get around and explore by foot.

The weather cooperated for the most part during our visit. The sun and the ocean breeze felt so good on our vitamin D deficient bodies. We mostly hung around the Lincoln Road Mall area for some shopping and delicious Cuban food. Omg the Cuban coffee was some serious business. It was too strong for my liking but that also kept me awake the whole day.

Miami has city bikes for rent (aka deco bikes). You just go to the kiosk, select your rental duration, punch in the available bike ID, swipe your credit card, and the bike is yours to take. The cool thing is you don’t have to return the bike to the same station. You can return the bike to anywhere the deco station is located. We rented the bike for an hour and rode along Ocean Drive. It was a fun way to explore the area and we even saw a drag show out on a restaurant patio. It seems like people in Miami are pretty active in general; there were lots of bikers, runners, walkers on the trail as we leisurely rode around the area.

We hit the beach after returning the bikes. Unbeknownst to us, the southern part of the Sobe has quite an interesting crowd as it’s okay to be topless on the beach. I didn’t believe it until a nipple ring from a woman flashed before my eyes. Ohhhh my eye! No wonder we didn’t see much kids around.

Awesome R and R weekend at the beach with a souvenir from Britto.

Later that night, a friend who lives in Miami met up with us and we had our fancy night out on the town. We had dinner at Katsuya inside the SLS Hotel. I lost count on how many times I said “this is soooo gooood” as we gobbled up our food and chugged our drinks. The service was totally amazing even though we were sitting at the bar. Our bartender was Awwwwsome and we were let in on a little secret on how he made my friend’s spicy cocktail. It was soooo goooood.

Top notch service and food quality at Katsuya

After dinner we walked around the beach and enjoyed the night view of South Beach. It was so peaceful just hearing the sound of waves. Wish we could stay in that moment forever. On our walk back to the car, we had to take a detour since the street was blocked for filming. I was thinking this may be our opportunity for celebrity sighting….sadly, the filming was for Alvin and the Chipmunk and there were no celebs (not even a chipmunk)…arrrrgggh.

The next morning we squeezed in one last visit to the beach. On the way there we noticed they turned the Lincoln Road Mall into an outdoor antique and farmer’s market. Let’s just say it took a while for us to get to the beach as we were sidetracked by all the food vendors. lol.

Even though our visit to Miami was merely 2 days, it was enough for me to relax and totally forget about all the stress from work. We all came back with a better looking tan and got 6 hours of hanging out at the airport under our belts (at least it was at the lounge). lol. The price we pay for a ridiculous flight deal. 😉

Until our next trip.

Side note:
– Check out “” for special deals on airfares. That’s how we found out about the deal to Miami.
– My net airfare was $29 as I had a $100 AA gift card from the Amex Platinum CC. As part of the card benefits, you can redeem up to $200 airline incidental fees. However thanks to info shared by some superduper travel/CC experts, you could actually buy AA gift cards and be reimbursed up to $200 when you purchase them using the Amex Platinum card. Checkout the flyertalk forum for more detail.

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