Hong Kong and Macau 4/5-2017

Trip duration: 4/27/2017 to 5/3/2017
Route: Dallas => Hong Kong; Hong Kong => Dallas
Flying Method: American Airlines AAdvantage reward redemption @ 58,500 round trip (eco) [65,000 – 6,500]

Planning and Itinerary

This trip actually came about as a result of the 2 free weekend-night sign-on bonus from the Citi Hilton Honors Reserve card. After earning the sign-on bonus in 5/2016, I started researching on higher tier Hilton properties in order to maximize the reward value. A majority of the category 9 properties are beach resorts or at a location that’s a bit hard to get to. I ended up choosing Hong Kong Conrad to redeem the 2 free nights stay due to the ease of getting to Hong Kong. After scanning AA’s reward chart and playing around with different dates, I was able to find milesavers redemption in economy from DFW to HKG. Taxes and fees ended up being around $80ish. As using AA’s co-branded credit card (either Citi Aadvantage platinum card or Barclay Aviator mastercard) gets you 10% of the rewards redemption back, I made sure to pay the taxes and fees using the strategically kept Barclay Aviator mastercard. The reservation was made in 7/2016 for a total of 58,500 miles. Before confirming the flight arrangement, I actually called Hilton to reserve the 2 free weekend nights first. The sister came along on the trip using her AA miles as well. 🙂 We decided that 6 days would be enough for Hong Kong. As one may have heard, due to space limitation, lodging in Hong Dong does not come cheap. For the remaining days, we booked 1 night at the Skycity Marriott by the airport (30,000 Marriott points) and 2 nights at the Hyatt Regency in Kowloon (15,000/night, transferred from Chase Ultimate Rewards). (Note: separate post on these hotels to come later). Most of the hotel research was done using awardmapper.com which helped me see what properties were available in certain areas. Forgot to mention, for US passport holders, there’s no visa requirement for Hong Kong travel unless you plan to stay past 30 days. If you’re going China through Hong Kong (e.g. Shenzen), then a China visa is required. Continue reading “Hong Kong and Macau 4/5-2017”