My credit card adventures – part 2

Here is a recap on what’s happening in my credit card¬†realm this year (2015): Opened 3 new cards with a total of 200,000 in points and miles. This also came with a whopping $989 non-waived annual fees (ouch, but no pain no gain). This may sound like a hefty expense, but when you take into consideration the benefits from these cards, the net cost isn’t as bad as it looks. Continue reading “My credit card adventures – part 2”

Packing for the Inca Trail Hike

Now that I’ve survived to tell the tale, been meaning to write a post on what to pack for the Inca Trail. This is tailored for the raining season as we went on the hike at the end of January.

Apart from the basic items (a pair of decent water resistance hiking boots, water bottle/pouch, raincoat, head lamp, wool socks, flip flops, sunscreen, bug repellent (didn’t use), hat (didn’t use), etc), here are some of my “I wish I knew” for the 4 day / 3 night Inca Trail hike:¬† Continue reading “Packing for the Inca Trail Hike”